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Your Success Frequency

Dec 1, 2021

As a high achieving person, I KNOW that you’ve already started mapping out your 2022 goals - even if it’s only in your head. But before you get too far, I’d like you to stop and honestly assess: Am I dreaming big enough?


What I find is that most people actually dream too small. And this tendency to downplay influences your belief in your own ability to achieve, and thus affects your end results. 


In today’s post, I’m sharing my experience with the power of manifestation and how I channel it to help not just myself, but all those who I coach attain their BIGGEST, wildest, juiciest dreams. (And don’t worry - you don’t have to believe in manifestation in order for this to work for you, too!)


Read on to determine if you’re reaching high enough, or if you’re selling yourself short by not striving for big enough goals. 

Playing the manifestation game


Whether you believe in manifestation or not is irrelevant here, so don’t worry if you’re feeling any resistance to that word. While manifestation has delivered some serious results in my world (Hello, dream beach condo!), I actually incorporate manifestation into my life in a really playful way.  


For example, one manifestation game I play is in parking lots. Anytime I enter a crowded parking lot or garage, I always go in believing that I am going to get a close spot. And guess what? I typically always get one right outside the door. Someone is usually just pulling out as I'm about to pull in. It’s amazing how consistently this works. While some might be quick to call this a coincidence, there are far too many incidences of this for that to be true.  


This past weekend, in teaching my 12-year-old stepdaughter, Gabrielle, the power of manifestation by example, we played a game with a book she was dying to have. She’s currently really into these manga books and is missing the 4th book in the series. She’s got Book #3 and Book #5, but Book #4 has been out of stock so far everywhere she’s tried. 


So, we used this as an opportunity to manifest our reality. We checked one local bookstore and were told it wouldn’t arrive for another 4-6 weeks. Even though she had just been to Barnes & Noble the day before, I asked if she’d be willing to dream with me and try there one more time. She agreed and the entire way there, I focused all of my energy on manifesting that book. I believed in its presence deeply in my mind and body for the 20 minute drive and when we arrived, I kid you not - they had Book #4. 

There are no coincidences. 


While you might read that story above and think it HAD to be a coincidence, understand this: if it was just a coincidence, most people wouldn’t have even chosen to believe that they could have Book #4. Gabrielle had just been there yesterday and they didn’t have it; the store also does not get new shipments in on Saturdays. So most people wouldn’t have believed it could be possible to go back and find the book. 


But our belief directly impacted our action


Which brings me to your business… How often do you believe in your ability to manifest whatever you want in your business? 


How are you creating the belief inside your head that's necessary in order to take the right actions so that you can manifest it?

Hard Truth: Most people are not striving for big enough goals.  


What I find is most people dream too small. Most people set a goal that they think sounds “reasonable,” but because they don't truly believe in the goal, it inevitably ends up being hard for them to achieve it. If you don’t believe in it, I’m telling you - it’s not the right goal for you. By setting small goals, you’re selling yourself short. 

Manifesting your big goals in 2022


What are you dreaming for next year? Have you written it down? Most people don't write down their goals, and that is a huge mistake. 


Start by writing down your goal(s) in a detailed way. It needs to be specific, right down to the date you're going to achieve it by. So not just something like, I'm going to make more money next year. Instead, write something like, Next year, I'm going to serve X amount of students by (date). Or, Next year, I'm going to make X amount of dollars in revenue by (date). 


After you’ve written out your goals, I want you to breathe into it and begin to embody each goal. There’s a structure to this goal-setting manifestation exercise that I do with all of my clients. If you’d like to work on it with me directly, feel free to reach out to me via email or DM to set-up an individual session. 


Which brings me to my next suggestion in the goal manifesting process...

Set-up the support you need to achieve.


Once you set your goals,  ask yourself, What is my level of belief that I will achieve these goals and who do I need to surround myself with in order to achieve them? 


I have said it many times before: you can only go so far on your own. In order to reach new levels of success in your life and business, you need the right reinforcements. 


Are you inserting yourself into a container, like a mastermind or a coaching group or a space where you can grow? Are you getting coaching? What are you listening to? What are you feeding your mind? 


Because I believe in the power of groups and coaching, I have several different opportunities available to help driven entrepreneurs like yourself to thrive from CEO Club, to my Breakthrough Babe Mastermind group


On that note, the waitlist for my mastermind group is open now. It’s a group that’s in high demand with a 100% renewal rate. I'm so stoked about it. Everyone is returning for Year 2 and we have only four more spots open for others to join us. That's it. So if this is something you're interested in, please DM me on Instagram and I'll send you the waitlist page so that you can get notified when the opportunity to apply opens up. 


As we close, I’d like to challenge you to really think about your goals for next year. This last month of the year is so valuable as a planning space to help you achieve your 2022 goals and to really create what you want in your life. So think it through, set a BIG goal, begin to embody it, believe you can achieve it, and you will. 


Your success - current and future - is not a coincidence. It’s time to stop treating it as such and to bring forth your next year of wins with intention. Are you with me?!