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Your Success Frequency

Nov 24, 2021

People tend to think of Thanksgiving as Gratitude Season. And while I love that aspect of the holiday, for me, gratitude is so much more than something to show for a mere day, week, or even a month. 


The most successful people practice gratitude with intention. It’s not just a season, but a daily habit that countless studies prove creates more abundance in our lives. 


In today’s post, I’m sharing a peek into my own daily gratitude practice and giving you some tips on how you can manifest more success in your life by simply becoming more deliberately grateful. 


I’m also starting a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge and would love for you to join me on social media - more details on that at the end!  

The Intentional Daily Practice of Gratitude


Gratitude is something that should be practiced every day. And I say the word “practice” very intentionally. 


Think about a yoga practice, for example. Imagine you've never done yoga before. Perhaps you say to yourself, I'm going to practice yoga every day for the next 60 days. Do you think that on the 60th day, you'll be more flexible than you were on the very first? Of course you will. 


It doesn't matter where you started on that first day, what matters is that on the 60th day you'll have made so much progress. This is because practice creates progress. Whether it’s yoga, playing a musical instrument, or some other skill, by committing to a daily practice, you will inevitably create transformation in your life. The same is true with gratitude. 


Gratitude is great when spoken occasionally, but when you make a daily commitment to gratitude? That’s when you’ll really see the positive changes take effect in your life. 

How does gratitude currently transpire in your life?


What is your gratitude habit? Do you have one in place that you participate in regularly? There are two different ways we typically express gratitude: towards others and towards ourselves. 


How you demonstrate gratitude to yourself is actually the most powerful way to create change in your life. Think about everything your body, your mind, your efforts, and your dedication do for you. A big part of the self care you show yourself demonstrates your gratitude. You can then take that gratitude and share it with others. 


The more we practice gratitude, the more it becomes a natural way of being. 


Take, for example, all of the things in your daily life that typically bring out frustration and stress. Smaller irritations like traffic on your commute can help you train your brain to more easily shift into a grateful mindset. The next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, use it as an opportunity to think about all the things you have to be grateful for. You can even use your imagination here. Perhaps you’ve avoided an accident up ahead because the traffic slowed you down. Or, perhaps the traffic is giving you the extra time you’d been wishing you had to finally listen to that podcast on the subject that will help you grow in your business knowledge. 


When you begin to shift your energy from negative (upset) to positive (grateful), you’re making space for more abundance in your life and business. Study after study irrefutably proves that the most successful people in this world tend to be the most grateful. Gratitude creates an energetic openness making you more receptive to the opportunities in front of you. An attitude of gratitude is an underrated secret to success. 

3 ways to make space for more gratitude in your daily life 


Here are a couple of ways I incorporate gratitude into my life. Feel free to try one, or try them all. The most important part is to select something you can do consistently. To truly reap the rewards of an attitude of gratitude, it must be practiced every single day. 



  • Start your day with gratitude


When I wake up each morning, the first song I listen to is a song called, “Thank You for the Blessings.” It’s a prayerful kind of song. In fact, I'm almost certain it's sung in churches, though I don’t remember how I came upon it. But what I’ve done is create a playlist that begins with this song and sets the right tone - the right energetic frequency - for my day. This grounds me, and reminds me of all I have to be grateful for. And that’s a great lens to view the world through as you embark upon your day. 


You’re welcome to snag this song, or find something of your own that serves as a gratitude “wake up call” to begin your day with. Choose something that both excites you and brings you peace whether it be a song you listen to, a video you watch, or a meditation you do. 



  • Write in a gratitude journal


This doesn’t have to be any formally designed gratitude journal; anything with blank pages will do. Journaling doesn’t have to be intimidating, either. Simply make it your habit to write down three things each day that you’re grateful for. This can be done at any time of the day, though picking a time that generally works each day can help you stick to the habit. 


There’s so much power in the written word. Scientific studies have shown how much more we actually retain by writing things down. By searching for things to write down that you’re grateful for each day, your brain will begin to seek them out throughout the day. Begin to notice how things that normally bring you anxiety or annoyance become more opportunities for gratitude. This will happen more and more naturally with time and practice!



  • Share your gratitude


Start by telling one person each day that you’re grateful for them. It can be a different

person, or there can be repeats. You can send a card, make a phone call, or pop out a simple text. Just share that you’re grateful for them (including why is a bonus!).  


Then, I’d like to encourage you to share your gratitude publicly. For the next 30 days, we’re hosting a gratitude challenge to help you kickstart your new daily habit. Wherever you enjoy participating on social media - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. - use #BBAttitudeofGratitudeChallenge to start chronicling what you’re grateful for. 


Some ideas include: photos of your walk, photos of your family, photos of your pets, or perhaps even photos of something you used to find annoying but have now shifted your mindset into something you’re grateful for (see the traffic example above!). 

I promise you that if you begin to show up every single day, gratitude will transform your life. When you create an attitude of gratitude in your mind and body, that gratitude will expand into your actions. When you feel good on the inside, the outside becomes good too. 


Thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing your gratitude posts. I am SO grateful for YOU.