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Your Success Frequency

Mar 23, 2023

In this episode, join Jen as she interviews Rachel Varitimos, a Human Design Expert and Empowerment Coach, who helps individuals harness their unique potential and transform their lives. Dive into the world of Human Design, learn about its components, and how understanding your own blueprint can bring clarity and...

Mar 1, 2023


Do you remember those books of mazes from childhood? The ones where you’d start at one end, then have to navigate your way through a series of obstacles to get to the other side?


I like to think of (and teach!) the selling process like those maze games. Not only is it such an accurate visual, but by gamifying it,...

Feb 23, 2023

I’ve just come back from attending a retreat in Sedona with my high level mastermind group, and I’m bursting with fresh energy and ideas to share with you. 


Retreats like these are vital to help us think differently, but that won’t translate into us attaining our goals unless we then take action and do...

Feb 15, 2023

Did you know that many entrepreneurs often resist sales, even though they know it is the lifeline in their business? 


If you, too, find yourself avoiding this crucial component to achieving your goals, you’re not alone and today’s new post is here to help!


Below, we’ll get to the root of where your...

Feb 8, 2023

Don’t you just love when life presents you with inspiration in the most unexpected ways?


A recent bathroom renovation in my beach condo has got me thinking about business renovations or, what I like to call, a business edit. 


A business edit is a process where you get rid of the things that are no longer serving...