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Breakthrough Babe Podcast

Apr 14, 2021

In this episode of the Breakthrough Babe Podcast, we’re talking about an important business tool that not enough people are taking full advantage of… testimonials! I know that may seem simple, but testimonials have so much power to increase your sales. When potential clients see a testimonial, it validates your work in a way that you can’t, and it shows them the potential transformation they can go through. In this episode, we’ll cover how to get the full power out of testimonials.


Some points we’ll discuss include:

  • What stops people from using testimonials
  • How testimonials lead to an increase in sales
  • How you can cultivate your own testimonials


You can talk about yourself and your hard work all day (and you should!), but it makes a powerful difference to hear someone else’s validation. Think about when you seek out services for yourself. Does it make a difference to you to hear a good review, testimonial, or referral? It will make a difference to your potential clients too! 


For all the details, be sure to tune in to episode 49 of The Breakthrough Babe Podcast. 

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