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Your Success Frequency

Feb 23, 2023

I’ve just come back from attending a retreat in Sedona with my high level mastermind group, and I’m bursting with fresh energy and ideas to share with you. 


Retreats like these are vital to help us think differently, but that won’t translate into us attaining our goals unless we then take action and do differently as well. 


As I launch into taking steps to implement the 3 biggest lessons I learned into my own business, I’m inviting you behind the scenes so you, too, can immediately put them to use for greater success in your business. 


Read on to get a peek into the high impact changes I’m going to be making based on my time amongst a powerhouse group of multi-6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs. 



Here are 3 lessons that I learned from my high level mastermind that you can begin to implement immediately in your business. 


Lesson 1:


Throughout the weekend, I realized that a recurring theme for me was that sometimes I need to slow down. To speed up, you need to first set the right foundations into place. What this really comes down to for me (and, I believe for you, too) is looking at the different actions I’m  taking in my business and assessing the intentions behind those actions. 


Is there a purpose behind all of the actions that you’re taking? And is that purpose driving you towards the goals you want to achieve? 


If the intention isn’t there, then all of the podcasts you record, the social media posts you put up, every item you check off your to-do list is missing the impact you could be making if it had the driving force of intentionality behind it. 


This weekend was a huge reminder for me to look at the different actions I'm taking to determine how I can get more intentional with them so that they take up less time, and they serve more of a purpose.


Lesson 2:


The second big lesson I had over the retreat was the importance of building a team and becoming a better leader. While I have people on my team, once I started to look at their roles from the perspective of an integrator, I realized that I have three different divisions to fill: Growth, Operations, and Fulfillment. 


Growth is everything sales related. Operations is all the what I would call “boring stuff” like accounting, HR, and legal. Fulfillment is everything that happens after the sale in my client’s journey. 


This all comes from the book, Traction, which I read a couple of years ago. And after hearing it again and again over the weekend, it just really dawned on me that I need to get my team in order. Maybe this is the 15th time you're hearing you need a team, too. If you've resisted it, I would re-read that book, and get the right support because a team can really impact your business. 


Now, I'm not going to spend tons of money I don't have on hiring, but I am going to figure out how I can make a team of people from a mix of contractors, part-timers, and perhaps one full time person to help me generate revenue and grow my business. I see where I'm at right now and know that in order to get to my next level, I need more of a team.


For me, there are a ton of things in my business that are not getting done that are revenue-generating activities. And I know that if I put my focus there, and had some help behind the scenes to make more things happen, it would immediately result in more revenue. So for where I'm at in my business, even though I called Operations “the boring stuff,” that's not my next hire. My next hire is someone who can help me with Growth. This will be someone who can help me with all of the specific intentional activities that will help grow the business.


Once you outline this all on paper, and put a chart together of who's doing what role in your business, then you can see where the gaps are and it becomes so obvious what you need to fill.


Lesson 3:


The third lesson I took away from the retreat was not something that was directly taught, but was more something that I witnessed - that is the power of community. 


The people in the room were on fire, each of them running 6-7-figure businesses and just absolutely crushing it. The opportunity to network with, learn from, and collaborate with these people who will likely become lifelong friends is invaluable. 


When you put yourself in the right space like I did in this mastermind, that authentic bonding can lead to potential collaborations in the future for all of us. It's just so important. 


I want you to think about who is in your community right now. How are you expanding your community? How are you meeting amazing people who not just want to cheer you on, but also collaborate with you? While it sounds cheesy to say, “Let’s help each other grow,” it’s that energy that will get your further in life and business. 


The easiest, fastest way to grow is to borrow someone else's credibility. So if someone else has an audience and they say you're the, then their audience is going to come follow you. And it works reciprocally. Give more than you take, always. 


For the past couple of years, I have not embedded myself into a mastermind. I'm in coaching groups, and other high level groups. But the ability to meet with other entrepreneurs in person in a learning environment, where you're all trying to achieve a common goal, aka grow your business and grow yourself professionally, allows for very quick bonding and the formation of an intentional community to cultivate. 



Looking to join your own mastermind group?


Who's in your mastermind? Are you in the right groups? If you aren’t currently in one and are looking to join a mastermind, the one I lead has three spots open. We have not had our first in-person retreat yet, so it is the perfect time to join. I am opening the doors this week to talk to people who are interested. All you need to do is DM me on Instagram @jengitomer and let me know that you want to chat about the mastermind. There will be no pressure; we need to see if it would even be a good fit for you AND for the group. We’ll be spending the next 10 months together, so it’s important it’s cohesive. If it's not a hell yes for you, and it's not a hell yes for me, then we don't move forward. There are no hard feelings, and we get to chat and have a conversation and potentially collaborate or and continue to communicate in the future. I look forward to chatting with you!


Your Success Frequency Tip of the Day:


Immerse yourself in cold water. Take a cold shower for a minute each day this week, and see how you feel afterwards; it will immediately raise your vibration. 


If you want to get into the details of all of the health benefits, feel free to Google it - they are far-reaching and amazing. Taking a cold shower is similar to taking a cold plunge, just a bit easier and more accessible. If you can't do a full minute, then work yourself up to it. Start with 20 seconds, then go to 30 seconds, and keep working up your tolerance. I promise it's going to raise your vibration.