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Your Success Frequency

Mar 23, 2023

In this episode, join Jen as she interviews Rachel Varitimos, a Human Design Expert and Empowerment Coach, who helps individuals harness their unique potential and transform their lives. Dive into the world of Human Design, learn about its components, and how understanding your own blueprint can bring clarity and confidence in your personal and professional life.


Show Notes:

  1. Introduction to Rachel Varitimos (00:45)

    • Human Design expert and empowerment coach

    • Passionate about hosting retreats and building sisterhood

  2. What is Human Design? (02:35)

    • How it combines astrology, I-Ching, with the human chakra system, and quantum physics

    • Offers insights into your unique strengths and weaknesses

  3. Understanding Human Design Types (07:15)

    • Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector

    • Each type has its own strategy for decision-making and energy management

  4. Rachel's Journey with Human Design (13:10)

    • Personal experience with Human Design

    • How it changed her life and business

  5. Jen's Human Design Reading (22:50)

    • Discovering Jen's type, strategy, and authority

    • Tips for better decision-making and tapping into her potential

  6. How Human Design Can Benefit YOU as an Entrepreneur (34:40)

    • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

    • Aligning your energy and decision-making with your type

    • Enhancing collaboration and understanding within a team

  7. Incorporating Human Design into Retreats and Coaching (49:13)

    • The power of sisterhood and community

    • Emphasizing vulnerability, trust, and safety in personal growth

  8. Connect with Rachel Varitimos (52:42)


Learn how to step into your true potential by understanding your unique Human Design blueprint. Listen to this insightful conversation with Rachel Varitimos and discover how to make decisions confidently and create a life you love. Connect with Rachel, get your personalized reading and explore the transformative power of Human Design in your personal and professional life.