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Your Success Frequency

Feb 15, 2023

Did you know that many entrepreneurs often resist sales, even though they know it is the lifeline in their business? 


If you, too, find yourself avoiding this crucial component to achieving your goals, you’re not alone and today’s new post is here to help!


Below, we’ll get to the root of where your resistance lies to uncover the beliefs swirling around in your head that may be holding you back. 


Read on to build your sales confidence, learn how to sell with intention, and lower your resistance to talking about all the things that make you squirm like pricing. 

Do you ever feel like you're held back in your business by sales resistance? 


Do you feel like you either struggle to close deals because you don’t ask for the sale on a discovery call, or you simply don't talk about your offers as much as you could or should?


That sales resistance is present within your business. Today, I'm going to share some strategies that will help you break through that sales resistance, and help you overcome those sales obstacles so that you can create the coaching business or the service-based business that you're hoping for. 


First, we need to understand where the resistance comes from. Because, just like anything else, we're not going to simply put a bandaid on top for it to resurface later; we need to get to the root of it. 


In my conversations with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I have found that resistance often comes from fear - fear of rejection, fear of failure, or a general lack of confidence, not just in yourself, but in what you offer. 

What beliefs exist in your head that cause you to resist selling? 


Are these beliefs your own, or are they stories that you’ve heard and searched for supporting evidence to enhance them over time? Are these stories serving you? Or are they limiting your business’ ability to thrive?


Let's take the common belief that selling is manipulative and pushy as an example. You may know that, logically, people don’t have to be pushy to sell. You’ve likely bought plenty of things sold to you that didn’t make you feel manipulated in any way. So why does your brain tend to think that, “Oh, if I talk about my offers, I’m going to sound pushy.”


Well, the thing is, we've all been pushed before, and we don't like that feeling. And as a result, we REALLY don't want to generate that feeling for other people, so we’ve built up this story to protect ourselves from that. 


But you absolutely CAN sell your offers without being manipulative or pushy. To do so begins with your intention.

Where's your intention? 


Did you start your day with intention? Did you start your sales with intention? Because sales need to begin with intention and purpose to not come across as pushy or salesy. If your purpose is to genuinely help solve a customer's problem and you approach your sales from that intention, you will create a win-win where both you and your customer feel at ease and empowered. 


Here’s how to sell with intention:


  1. Identify the right customers 

  2. Build trust and credibility by offering value, giving them free resources in some way that they value

  3. Be clear on how you're helping them

  4. Start talking about your offers in a helpful way

Finally, in order to lower the resistance to making sales and talking about your offer, you also have to get comfortable with pricing.


Now, there's one big sales resistance piece that I didn't talk about and that is the resistance entrepreneurs create for themselves. This is a self created thing around money and talking about pricing and selling. 


If you're struggling to talk about pricing, then that goes back to building confidence in the value of your services. Don't make it personal - this isn’t about self-confidence, but rather confidence in the value that you offer. 


Write down (for yourself) the benefits and outcomes that you offer to your clients and how you help them achieve their goals. Because when you focus on the value that you provide, you can actually build your own confidence and communicate what that worth is for the offer so much more effectively. 


Plus, when you become confident in your offer, then your confidence will get magically transferred to everyone else. That feeling of confidence is an energy transfer thing. How you show up changes how people perceive your ability to help them in a more positive way. 


Practice, practice, practice


What often happens for entrepreneurs is you work on something like your mindset, and you get really good at the head stuff. But then, when you go to implement and integrate, it doesn't always transfer. It's not always that easy. Sometimes it’s hard to take that leap from the strides you made in your mind to real world action. It doesn't always happen immediately, and that's okay. 


But how often do you actually practice talking about your pricing? How often do you practice talking about your offers? The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you're going to become. You can practice with friends, family, or whomever. The key is to roleplay until you decrease your anxiety around the conversation. You learn the skill, you practice the skill, and then you implement it. When you do this, there’s so much less confusion and stress surrounding it.  


If you keep practicing and trying, eventually you're going to create the difference that you want to create. 


Finding Your Frequency Weekly Tip


I had a special listener request which I’m now adding as a new segment to my weekly podcast. We’ll call this tip, “Finding Your Frequency.” 


My friend, Honoree Corder, just released an amazing book called, You Must Market Your Book. If you're an author, I highly recommend you go to Amazon and get that book. Her suggestion to me was to include a quick way that you can tune up your frequency each week. 


For this week, I recommend you give yourself a quick burst of physical activity to tune up your frequency. 


Yesterday, I needed to pick myself up, so I started dancing. I picked up my dogs and included them in the fun. Before I knew it, I’d been dancing for 15 minutes and every part of my being was in a different mental state. 


It doesn't have to be a long run or workout, just a quick burst of energy. Take 5 minutes to change your physical state and in doing so, you’ll boost your energy level, reduce stress, increase mental focus, and much more. Tag me on Instagram and let me know how you’re feeling afterwards!

Diving deeper


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