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Breakthrough Babe Podcast

Sep 9, 2020

I have been intentionally playing more and working less, I have found that I’ve been increasing productivity by doing this and you can do the same. 


In episode 21 of the Breakthrough Babe Podcast, we are going to talk about the concept of playing more and working less, and how that can boost your productivity!


 Some of the topics we go over include:

  • You need to consider who you’re hanging out with and spending most of your time with.  
  • What perspective or lens are you looking at life with? Are you looking at it with a serious lens or reverting to childhood-like experiences and incorporating that into what you’re doing?
  • Think about the places you work. Where are you hanging out? Where can you go to create that fun and play in your business?


So here’s your breakthrough game plan: Go out and have some fun! Go play. If you want to double down on this challenge, go play every day for the next week. Then, let me know how much more increased productivity you notice. By allowing yourself some playtime, you are opening your mind up to so much more potential and opportunity. 

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