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Breakthrough Babe Podcast

Jun 3, 2020

While launching my business, I certainly learned many lessons along the way. And to help you launch and run your own business as successfully as possible, I’m sharing the lessons I learned in episode 7 of the Breakthrough Business Babe Podcast! 


In this episode, I’m sharing the most important lessons I’ve learned from launching my business, from key strategies you should use to mistakes to avoid. Some of the topics we go over include:


  • Why you should share value with your audience BEFORE sharing who you are (hint: I use this exact template when sharing my own entrepreneurial story in this episode!)
  • What being an entrepreneur is really all about, and the importance of reflecting on how far you’ve come
  • How I actually grew a six-figure business FAST and what to keep in mind when designing your business model
  • My experience pivoting my business, and important reminders for when you already have a secure job but it truly isn’t the right fit


As I share in this episode, breakthroughs don't just happen overnight. Breakthroughs happen because you're taking daily consistent action and getting one step closer to your goal on a daily basis. And after hearing about all of my pivots and lessons learned over the years, I’m certain you’ll feel even more empowered to reflect on your own entrepreneurial journey and keep making progress in your business. So be sure to tune in!


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