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Your Success Frequency

Nov 10, 2021

Are you currently in a mastermind group? Or perhaps you’ve been looking for one to join in 2022?


I both lead one and am a member in one, and I am a huge proponent of the power of these purpose-driven groups. 


However, there are a few things beyond just the coach leading them that can make your experience in a mastermind either transformative, or a major letdown. 


In this post, I’m going to let you in on something that you need to find out BEFORE you join your next mastermind group. 


The Breakthrough Babe Mastermind


At the time of this writing, I am just coming back from literally one of the best weekends ever. It was a weekend retreat I hosted for my mastermind members who are all a part of a year long mastermind experience. 


The Breakthrough Babe Mastermind is an ongoing group coaching program where members get multiple coaching calls every month, multiple in-person retreats, direct access to me when they need it, and the power of the community that I've cultivated. 


I'm really proud of this particular offering of mine because it's working on all levels. It’s working for me - I LOVE facilitating it - and it’s working for my members, who are all experiencing incredible growth, breakthroughs, and record numbers in their businesses as they evolve into each new version of themselves. It's been so powerful to see the impact this one mastermind group has created.

What to look for in a mastermind group


If you’re looking for a mastermind group of your own, it’s important to do your research to ensure you find the group that is the best match for you. Most people begin by looking for the coach they want to work with - and that’s a great place to start. 


You should feel an alignment with the coach who is leading the mastermind group you’re considering. Are they someone you want to learn from? Do you feel a connection to their personality and the content they share? Do you think they have the experience and expertise to help you reach your next level? Do you trust them?


Trust and alignment are key. And if you reach out to me to apply to be in my mastermind, that’s where we’ll start - ensuring you and I are a good fit together. 


The next most important consideration in choosing your mastermind group - and this is something so many people overlook - is to determine whether you’ll be a good fit within the group. Start by finding out who the other members are. Because in order to be successful in a mastermind group, you need to not only trust your coach, but you also need to be able to trust your fellow mastermind members. 


When you join a mastermind, you're joining a sisterhood.


The power of a mastermind connection is strong. These women will likely be your friends for life. In a transformative mastermind group, we go deep. You want to be able to feel like you can share almost anything to be able to get the most out of it. 


So I recommend that you take the time to find out about your fellow members before you join. Are these people that you can look up to and relate to? While you don’t need to agree on everything with everyone (that’s just not realistic), you DO need to feel in the company of like-minded individuals in order to feel a stronger connection. 


I witnessed this exact scenario at our recent Mastermind Retreat. The trust that has been placed inside of this container as a result of the people who are in it is incredible. The right group dynamic allows its members to be vulnerable. It allows its members to show up and be themselves. There’s nothing performative about it. It’s all openness and a willingness to dig into even the ugly parts with the ultimate goal of growth and transformation. And this can only happen inside the right container where there is already an established level of trust in each other and trust in the coach.


I'm really freaking proud of this dynamic that I’ve created. I'm proud that these women can show up as themselves and find comradery with their fellow business owners, listen to one another’s stories, connect, and go deep.  

Lastly, find a coach who is going to deliver MORE rather than less. 


Word to the wise: make sure the mastermind you choose is led by someone you trust and know is legitimate. I’ve unfortunately seen too many people be disappointed by the lack of follow-through from the coaches they’ve entrusted themselves in. 


Masterminds tend to be high ticket offerings. I want to make sure that you get a high ticket experience to match. There should be no skimping and you should get what you’ve been promised when you sign-up. 


My philosophy as a coach is to deliver MORE than what I’ve promised. I want my members to feel surprised and delighted by their mastermind experience - and to get tangible results. 


Make sure the coach you choose to work with is committed to making an impact in YOUR life and business, so you can take that and make an impact of your own with your clients. Make sure they’re committed to providing you with the mentorship and connection you’re seeking. It’s just that simple. You want your coach to be someone who under promises and over delivers - not the other way around. 

Is the Breakthrough Babe Mastermind for you?


I don’t know that yet, and neither do you. BUT, if you have an inkling that it might be, and you’ve got the desire to level up to the next version of yourself starting in 2022, then I’d like to invite you to reach out and apply. You can also DM me on Instagram if you’d prefer to chat with me there. 


In order to reach new levels of success in our lives and businesses, we’ve got to be prepared to get the right back-up to take us there. That means the right coach and the right community to support your rise. Only with this kind of unique support can you see beyond what’s blocking you, accelerate your learning, and experience meaningful breakthroughs that lead to total transformation. 


I hope you consider joining a mastermind because I know the power that masterminds hold. And I know this from experience, not just in leading mine, but also in being a member of one. Masterminds deliver unparalleled value and the difference they make affects not only your life and business. This kind of growth creates a ripple effect that makes magic, too, in the lives of your clients, your client’s clients, your friendships, and your family. It’s tremendous. 

I look forward to reading your application, should you choose to apply.