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Your Success Frequency

Sep 1, 2021

Today's episode is all about making more sales in your business and what's holding you back or preventing you from making the sales that you need. Here's what I'm finding: there are a lot of “stressed wantrepreneurs” out there, or even “spread thin” entrepreneurs who are working their butts off, like really, really working so hard, but not making the money that they deserve.


And I've been diagnosing what's actually going on. What is the root cause? What is the actual issue? What is preventing these awesome people who have so much to give from making the money they deserve? And one of the things, not the only thing, but one of the things I see happening is people are spending way too much time making the product, making the website, the logo, all the things and not actually testing what they have to offer, or testing the offer with the marketplace to see what the demand is, and then refining it.






Here’s a personal example: I finally started that networking group that’s been on my heart for forever. I went for it and here’s what I did and didn't do... I did not spend six months making a website or figuring out what it would look like. I decided on a Tuesday that I was going to start it. And that very same afternoon, I sent an email to my list saying, “Hey, if I were to start a networking group, would you be interested?” So many people responded, “Yes, send me the details.” That doesn't mean they all became buyers, but that means I knew within minutes that there was demand for this offer and that people wanted what I had to offer based on what I had told them. Within just a few minutes, I had about 70 responses saying, yes, send me info, send me info, send me in for now. Not everybody has followed my funnel and booked a call to see if they were a good fit. And of those who booked a call, not everyone was a good fit. However, I started the thing and got a sense that there was demand for this offer. 


Sidenote: if you're interested in it, just message me here on instagram, because it's freaking awesome. And if you're like, but wait, I have an online business. Why do I need a networking group? What does that look like? Networking with other people can be life-changing. And for me it has been life-changing, You’ll create connections that you may never have met. Get business advice from people who you might never have access to. And  make relationships that lead to referrals.



So many entrepreneurs sit on their idea and overthink it for weeks, months, who knows how long.  They wait until they have the most perfect name, logo, website, ALL.THE.THINGS. 



Think about a movie. Before the movie is ready, they start seeding the market. They start giving trailers to create demand and even to test demand. You get to do the same thing in your business. Just because you're a small business doesn't mean that you need to wait until your product or service is ready before you release the sneak peek, the beta version. 



Don't wait until everything's perfect. Don't wait until it's all together. If you have something really awesome to offer this world, to offer to your customers, Offer it. Offer it! Put it out there and then create the offer around the founding members. They'll be patient with you while you build it (if you position it correctly!)


You don't have to have it all figured out before you begin to offer it. Because if you wait until it's all figured out, you're going to lose out on revenue. 



This challenge will have a great impact to your bottom line and a great impact on your customers. Ask yourself: What is the thing you've been holding back on offering? And in the next 30 days, what do you need to do to put it out there? What is the minimum viable product you need to create to do it? And how can you keep it simple? No more entrepreneurial squirrel brain!


Tune in to Episode 65 of The Breakthrough Babe Podcast - it’s time to stop losing out on revenue!