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Your Success Frequency

Dec 21, 2022

As we wrap up 2022, I’m celebrating not just the holidays, but all of the goals that I checked off my list this year. 


Want to know my secret weapon in making those big, audacious dreams happen? 


I’m actually preparing to use it again for next year right now, and I’m inviting you to join me in the process.


In today’s new post, I’m sharing the three benefits of using the power of visualization with the tool of the vision board. 


Read on to get a peek into the dynamic elements I include to take my vision boards to the next level of intentionality. You can also download my free holiday gift to you - my guide to the ultimate vision board - here

What is the power of visualization?


Visualization is the practice of mentally rehearsing, or picturing, the achievement of a goal. You use your imagination to create really detailed images of exactly what you want to achieve. This allows you to see the outcome before it even exists. 


There are tons of benefits to using visualization. When you visualize your goals, it helps you stay motivated and focused on what you want to achieve. Because we think in pictures, when you create the images of your goals in your mind, it will help you begin to feel more confident and energized to take action to make them happen. It will give you the frequency that you need to achieve. 


When I was writing my book, I was deep into visualization exercises. Every single morning, I would visualize the email that I was going to send my publisher when the manuscript was complete. To me, when I sent that email, the book would be 100% complete. And so every morning, I would visualize the email. And when it came time to actually send that email, I knew exactly what I was going to write, because I had visualized it hundreds of times. I had visualized how I was going to celebrate. I had visualized what it was going to look like to be an author. And all of those things, all of those images in my head, actually helped me create a book. I don't know if I would have published a book had I not been deep into visualization practices. So that's just one example of the power of visualization. 

What have you visualized lately? 


Are the visualizations that you're creating in your head helping you, or are they hurting you? Are you visualizing productive things that are going to help you achieve what you want? Or are you letting negative beliefs and images of worry get in the way of your success? 


If we don't create our mindset with intention, with visualization, then our brains WILL wander. And when it does, it will typically be wandering to an unproductive place that doesn’t lead to success. 


It's really important that you fine-tune what images you're playing in your head, just like you would purposely pick what you are going to watch on TV. You want to purposely pick what you're playing over and over in your head. 


So, how do you do that? There is something I do every single year. It's actually one of my favorite things that I do with my stepdaughter. She looks forward to it, too. It’s what I refer to as my secret weapon for achieving my goals: it’s my annual vision board. 

How a vision board can become your secret weapon, too.


If you’re here already, I know I don’t need to sell you on the concept of vision boards and their efficacy, in general. I will say, however, that most people are not using them to their full capacity. 


Vision boards work well, but can become even more powerful if you’re incredibly intentional with how you make them. I can count the number of things on my vision board that came true to a T - literally to a T - over the last couple of years. 


I have a really simple guide to help you do the same,  and I'm giving it away for free as my end-of-the-year gift to you. It will help you think about the eight elements that should be going on your vision board. I've outlined what those eight elements are and actually guide you through the easiest way to make a vision board, including how to do it with your kids, if you want. 


This is a fun, artsy project for the end of the year, perfect to combine with your relaxing holiday time off to set yourself up for success in the year ahead. You can certainly make a digital vision board, but I’d encourage you to join me in making it by hand. I find there’s something magical in creating a physical board to see in person. 


Just go to and download my free guide. You’ll also see a video on what I do to make my vision boards and how fun it is to incorporate all eight elements, which are key to calling in exactly what you want in all the different categories of your life and business. 

How to use your vision board


Our brain has something called the RAS, which stands for the reticular activating system. This is the part of the brain that plays a role in sifting and sorting all of the incoming information that comes through. During the course of the day, we see billions of things. And our brain has to say, which of those things are important to pay attention to, and which of those things can we just leave in the periphery? But it doesn't know which of those things is important unless we tell it. 


And so when you create a vision board and every single day, you spend a couple of minutes looking at what it is you want to call into your life, what you want to manifest, all of a sudden, your brain knows to start calling in more and more of those things that you want to call in because you're teaching it and training it exactly what you want it to do. And so it actually helps you focus on the important goals that you want to create. 


When you have your goals in the forefront of your brain every single day, your brain is activated to say, How can we make this happen? Rather than being focused on worries and what-ifs, it’s focused on productive goals and works on strategies to make them happen.  

Wrapping up: 


Remember these three benefits of using the power of visualization with a vision board:


  1. It will help you clarify your goals. It’s going to help you clearly define what you want to achieve in business, whether it's increasing sales, offering new products or services, creating a bigger audience, or launching a new product, or whatever it may be. Creating this visual representation of your goals, is going to help you understand what you want to achieve, and what you need to do to get there. 


  1. It's going to help you stay motivated and energized to achieve those goals. Put your vision board somewhere that you see it everyday so it's a constant reminder. Seeing those images, quotes, and whatever it is that you put on there is going to be inspiring, and a powerful way to keep you pushing towards whatever it is you want to achieve. 


  1. Getting creative is fun. When was the last time you got to have a ton of fun in your business and do something that also helps you get to where you wanted to go? When you get creative, you are going to come up with new ideas and you're going to think about new approaches because you're already going to be thinking outside the box.

What’s going on your vision board?

I encourage you - I invite you -  to make a vision board and activate your success frequency. Tag me in it on IG @jengitomer so I can see it; I cannot wait to see you succeed in this coming year!