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Breakthrough Babe Podcast

Sep 8, 2021

In this episode, I'm going to talk about the K-D gap, which is something that has a great impact on your personal growth and business success. It’s the knowledge and doing gap that I can see many entrepreneurs are experiencing. It’s when you know about an exciting and brilliant idea, but you didn’t take the courage to apply it and take the necessary action to your business. 


By the way, let me ask you, is there something in your business right now that’s critical to your success, but you feel scared of getting into it? Then, you tried your best to learn everything from it, including all of the how-to’s knowledge, what it looks like, and what could be the possible results. However, due to your fear of uncertainty, you’re not actually doing it. 


Hence, if you’re experiencing all of these things today, then you now have a K-D gap. You’re currently experiencing a lack of connection between knowing and doing in your career while running your business. It has the same concept in our personal life. You all know that we should eat well every day. We should consume healthy fruits and vegetables, the right amount of protein, and other vitamins and minerals. Besides that, you may also be aware of the danger that smoking and heavy alcohol drinking bring to your health. 


However, with all of this knowledge, not all people are actually doing it, just like running a business. Even though you know what you should do, you’re aware of the necessary steps you need to take to help you reach success in your business. Yet, something is holding you back that makes you not do it. Hence, if you’re one of those who suffer from this entrepreneurial challenge, this episode is for you. 


How Much Do You Know About Your Business?

To help you out get rid of the K-D gap, you have to answer these few questions. How much do you know about your business? How much have you actually studied to get better in your business? Did you do your research before you started it? Surely, you did your exploration and fact-finding activities before you finally decided to venture into the business you have right now. Hence, if you’re experiencing the K-D gap, it means that you’re hoarding your knowledge and skills. You didn’t put what you’ve learned into the application to make your business more profitable. It also means that you’re not actually taking the necessary action for the success of your business. 


Use Your Knowledge and Take the Necessary Action for Your Business 

One of the best ways to make you successful in your business is to apply everything you’ve learned along the way from the moment you decided to venture into business up until now that you’re actually running it to the market. So instead of keeping your knowledge yourself, get it and use it to make your business more profitable by reaching more potential customers or clients and increasing your sales and revenue in no time. Hence, please don’t hold it back. If you know something, then apply it to your business. If you’ve acquired a new skill, do it to contribute to the success of your entrepreneurial career. 


Get the Support You Need

If you’re starting to apply your knowledge and take the necessary action to the success of your business, you’ll surely see affirmative results in no time. However, if you find it a little bit challenging, you can always get the support and help you need. In fact, you can also get in touch with online business experts, coaches, and other experienced and professional individuals who are endowed with knowledge in owning and operating a business. 


Moreover, it’s one of the reasons why I created the breakthrough sales coaching program because I’m willing to help those business owners and entrepreneurs with the application and taking action process. By the way, if you want the free masterclass on launching and want to automate and put your sales on autopilot, just go to


Hence, if you’re experiencing the K-D gap right now, I want to help you. I want to help you unblock whatever it is that’s blocking you from applying your knowledge and the necessary actions for your business. 


When You Know What To Do, But Can’t Get Yourself To Do It: The Bottomline

The key is for you to look for answers to these few questions: How much knowledge have you acquired since you started your business? What have you done with that knowledge? How much action have you taken so far? Are you letting fear, doubt, and uncertainty get in the way of you taking action? If your answer is yes, then what are you going to do about it? Who are you going to seek to help you? How are you going to get out of your own way? 


That’s why the K-D gap is really a big deal for your career and business. Hence, one of the biggest elements I can see that accelerates entrepreneurial success is when you successfully close and bridge the gap between knowledge and doing. It’s because no one is coming along to push you into the entrepreneurial fire. You’re going to do it yourself. You can find help and assistance from more knowledgeable people around you, but it’s still up to you if you want to make a big difference in your business. 


Moreover, if you keep acquiring knowledge without taking the necessary action, where will you be in six months, nine months, or one year? Will you still have a business two years from now? Always remember that entrepreneurs are known to be action takers. Hence, if you consider yourself an entrepreneur, act one and do your part for the success of your career and your business. 


Tune in to Episode 66 of The Breakthrough Babe Podcast - it’s time to stop losing out on revenue!