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Your Success Frequency

May 18, 2022

Feel like celebrating with me?!  

I’m so freaking stoked to share that I just released my 100th podcast episode. It has been an incredible ride, and I’m so grateful to share this journey with you!


To show my appreciation for your loyal listenership (and readership here!), I recorded an extra special episode. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s *really* like to work with me as a coach and attend an event or retreat with me, this is your official peek behind the curtain. 


I invited the attendees of my last retreat in Sedona to join me on the show. These wise & wonderful entrepreneurs share their candid experiences in:


  • The moments that impacted them the most during the retreat
  • The takeaways they’ve actually applied to their businesses two months post-retreat
  • What shocked them the most on the retreat (one thing was something one entrepreneur was pretty resistant to at first!)
  • And tips for anyone thinking about joining a future retreat


Listen in to Episode 100 of the show to find out what it’s truly like to attend a unique retreat specially curated for soulful entrepreneurs, in their own words.


P.S. At the time of this dispatch, there are a couple more slots available for my next Sedona retreat, Sage Your Soul. Check out this page for more details, or DM me to chat more before they fill up. 


You’ll have to listen to the show for the full conversation (it’s too good & detailed to write out everything here), but here’s an introduction to the entrepreneurs who attended and some quotes from the episode. 

Meet the Retreat Attendees / Podcast Guests


Meet Meg Seitz - Meg is the founder and CEO of Toth Shop. They are a communications agency that supports people, brands, and businesses in helping figure out how to talk about who they are and what they do. They support all types of businesses from startup organizations, to those looking  for great content for their investor pitch decks, to fully fledged corporations who need support on a daily basis when it comes to their marketing and communications.


Meet Kellen Fisher - Kellen is the owner and designer of Cards That Wow. She creates wow moments for people and brands by making handmade note cards and gifts for corporate gift giving. She also works with event planners to help them take their events to the next level of WOW. 


Meet Mae Novak - Mae is the owner of two businesses. One is called Yay Brand which is an eCommerce retailer product-based business. They sell the most delicious goodies; not sweets, but crystal candles, essential oil rollers, and handmade journals, all with positive mantras + affirmations on them. Her other business is styling moms. Mae has a passion for helping moms get their sparkle back. She sells different packages that include wardrobe styling, closet editing, beauty, product editing, restructuring home workouts, and routine creation. It’s a complete transformation in an afternoon - and it’s so fun.


Meet Courtney Badger - Courtney is the CEO and owner of the brand, The Wandering Manifestor. She helps exhausted entrepreneurs become well-rested bitches that make fuck tons of money!  She has a background of over 17 years of corporate HR experience, so she’s well-equipped to help you take your business from a company to an income stream, or from a job to a true company. Courtney helps you create the organizational structure that you need to be able to enjoy the entrepreneurial freedom you’ve always dreamed about.


Meet Stephanie Riel - Stephanie is the founder and CEO of RielDeal Marketing. They are a brand marketing firm for small businesses. RielDeal takes care of every piece of the branding puzzle from the foundation - the brand story, the brand background, logo development, your online home, your website, and how you show up online as a brand, whether that's on your social media, your paid advertising, in your email marketing, or in your funnels. They make sure that it has a consistent, thorough theme that speaks to your ideal customers so you can bring in more leads and rock more sales. 



  • “I'm my own boss. I'm not going back to work today. I approve my own PTO.”

  • “Sedona has such an amazing healing energy.”


  • “Before the retreat, I didn’t realize how much I’d been limiting myself, essentially creating my own glass ceiling. Since returning, I’ve just blown past those mindset limitations.”


  • “I will never forget my time in Sedona and cannot wait to go back.”


  • “So much happened to me on the retreat that I didn’t realize needed to happen in order for me to be successful in my business back home.”


  • “I walked away from the retreat knowing that in one year, my entire life would be different as a result of this retreat.”


  • “We went so far beyond just talking. We did deeper, soul work.”


  • “There was a lot of releasing and allowing -  something that I always struggle with, and I know so many other entrepreneurs do. We want to be in control and be right. We started our own businesses so that we can decide everything. But I learned there's a beauty in just allowing and going with the flow.”  


  • “I left there with a really solid understanding that I could do more and I wanted to do more to take my business to the next level. I left there not only with that realization, but also feeling equipped to make that first step.”


  • “Jen truly curated our experience, pushing us to where we needed to go energetically, creatively, artistically, and more.”


  • “I didn't realize how much emotional healing I had to do and how much taking care of myself properly on an emotional level affects my business.” 


  • “I feel so much better making decisions after the retreat. My head is clear.”
  • “This was unlike any retreat I've ever been a part of before. I left transformed.”

Find out more


If you’d like to find out more about attending my next Sedona retreat, Sage Your Soul, this September, visit this page, and send me a DM to chat more before the remaining slots sell out!