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Your Success Frequency

Nov 30, 2022

How are you feeling?


We’re in the home stretch of the end of 2022, soon to be launching into the new year, and a lot of entrepreneurs are feeling… Busy. Frenzied. Overwhelmed. Add the holidays on top of that, and it’s easy to see how so many are experiencing an energetic depletion. 


If any of that feels familiar, you’re not alone. I recorded this week’s brand new podcast episode & compiled the accompanying notes below just for you. 


In today’s new post, I’m sharing how you can set yourself up to win the rest of the year and hit the ground running in 2023 without the frenzy.


Read on to discover how to achieve more by actually doing less, working with your energy instead of against it. 

First, let’s check in with where you’re at.


I’d like you to pause for a moment before proceeding. Take a deep breath, hold it at the top, then let it go. Take a few more, if it feels good, releasing any stuck energy and re-centering your body. 


Now - from this neutral, grounded state - how are you feeling? Really, truly - I want you to reflect honestly. Perhaps even journal out a few lines. What kind of energy are you operating from at the moment?


We’re in the home stretch of 2022. Are you feeling the need to rush to complete the things you have yet to accomplish this year? Are you furiously planning for next year, feeling hectic and frenzied, like there’s just not enough time for it all? How are the holidays affecting you? This season can also bring up some complicated emotions. 


There is a lot going on and our bodies can only handle so much. If you’re experiencing overwhelm, you’re not alone. 

Adjusting your state of being


I’m glad you’re here and taking the time to stop + reflect because - and this is important - big achievements and growth do NOT come from a frenzied state of energy. 


The top entrepreneurs who get ahead and will be set up to win in 2023 will do so by adjusting their state of being to exactly who & what they want to be. They figure out how to regulate their bodies and minds so they can create from cool, calm, collected energy. They deeply understand that success frequency matters. The move forward with intention

The power in setting a daily intention


Intentions are powerful stuff. They make things happen. Intentions can and will create transformation in your life and business. 


When you set an intention for the day, you activate a part of your brain that then searches, filters, and sorts information in a way that allows you to have a one track path to achieve that intention. 


Your intention for the day can be simple. It could be that you want to focus on being extra kind to everyone you encounter. Or it could be that you want to show love to the members of your family. Your intention could be that you want to finalize the details of a project you’ve been working on. Or it could be that you want to show up and make an impact in your Instagram stories. 


Whatever it is, the minute you set your intention, your brain starts to look for ways to help you make it happen. You approach your day with your energy focused on what you want to achieve. 


But it’s also true that if you don't set an intention, and you just roll into your day, your brain isn’t working to make anything specific happen. And, most likely, a lot of goodness that could happen simply doesn’t happen. 

How to incorporate intention setting into your daily routine


I always wanted to be a person who set a daily intention but for a while, I couldn’t get it to stick. I would forget to do it and it wasn’t happening for me consistently. 


So, I decided to use the technique of habit stacking to help incorporate intention setting into my morning routine. 


Each and every morning, I prepare and drink my cacao. It’s a ceremony I treat myself to to calm my nervous system. Starting the day from this grounded place energetically compounds and helps me approach everything that comes later from a centered space. 


Because this cacao habit is already a solid fixture in my routine - I never miss it - it is the perfect thing to stack a new habit onto. Habit stacking is really powerful because you simply connect your new desired habit onto an existing one. So now, I drink my cacao and then set my intention for the day. Just like that, my brain now thinks: cacao → intention. 


Do you have something similar you do to center yourself each morning? Or perhaps it’s simply a morning routine you never skip on like brushing your teeth. Whatever habit you choose, stack your intention setting onto it. 

Intentions are how you achieve more, yet do less


This is a busy time of year. That’s a fact. But just because you want to get more done doesn’t mean you need to hop on the frenzy train. If you get smarter with how you work with your time and energy, you can do so much less and still meet your goals. 


This means creating intentions, and making a plan to work with your energy, not against it. 

I have a free download that I just created to help you with this. You can find it at It's a whole new planner that helps you map out your day/week/month around your personal life, your business commitments, the holiday social scene, and your cycle. It's how I plan, and I'm giving it to you for free. Use it to set your tone, vibration, and frequency to end the year on an energetic high note. Here’s to you winning the rest of 2022!