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Your Success Frequency

Dec 8, 2021

As we approach the end of the year, it’s naturally when most people start thinking, What’s next?


Have you? I sure have. 


I actually have a 3-part process that I use to wrap up the current year AND plan for the coming year in a way that sets me up for even greater success. I use this for myself, my team, my one-on-one clients, and my mastermind participants. 


Today, I’m sharing this process with you because I want you, too, to have an incredible year in 2022. And while it’s a total cliche to say that you can have your “best year ever,” I will say that going through these three steps will set you up for a truly breakthrough year. 


Grab some paper, set some quiet time aside, and get ready to get excited about all that lies ahead of you!

Welcome back to the show. I'm so glad you're here. I hope you are crushing the day today, like in a serious kick way. And if you're not that's all right, this is going to be the lift up that you need. So here's the deal we're getting towards the end of the year. If you're listening to this, when I recorded it, which is December, and now's a really good time to begin planning for what's next. And in order to begin planning for what's next, I have a three part process that I go through. This process is critical to having your best year ever. And I hate that term because it's so freaking cliche. Everyone wants to have their best year ever. Well, guess what? You really can have your best year ever your breakthrough babe year. So this process is something I take all of my clients through my mastermind clients, my one-on-one clients, and I even take myself through it and go through it with the team.


And I'm going to share with you today, what it looks like, and it's a three-part process. And so it's reflection celebration. Now what, okay. Let's dig into that a little bit deeper because if I just told you those three things, you'd be like, okay, cool. I'm out Jen, but there's way more depth to it than that. So reflection, what you want to do is you want to really think back on the last 11, 12 months and ask yourself, who were you 12 months ago? And are you still that same person today? How have you changed? What are you doing differently? What's happened in the last 12 months in your life. What's happened in your business and all of those things. And remember, this is reflection of those things that have happened. What were the lessons that you received during that time? What do you want to bring with you? What lessons, what nudges, what, um, new routines and habits that you formed, what do you want to bring with you into this new year? And that's, that's your reflection is really looking back at who you were, what has happened over the year, what you've achieved, what lessons you've learned and who you've become.


And then as you reflect you, you want to ask yourself, what do you want to let go of? What are some things that you might still be holding onto that are no longer serving you? And sometimes those are emails in your inbox. Sometimes those are open unread, text messages, and sometimes their limiting beliefs or stored trauma, or you know, deeper things. And when you sit and reflect and really uncover, what's gone on in the past year and who you were and who you've become, and what are the lessons that you've learned and what is, is sticking to you that you know, that no longer serves you, you begin to see, you begin to create a vision for who you're about to become that reflection lends itself into a new vision, because you might already be trying to jump ahead into the now what, but we're not there yet, because what happens with so many people is they skip over this incredibly important part.


And that part is celebration because when we celebrate, there is something scientific in our brain. Dopamine gets released and our brain recognizes the win. And it gets like hooked becomes almost addicted to wanting to create more wins that, that high feeling, but it can only happen if we allow ourselves to celebrate and to recognize your wins. And so what are you celebrating? What's happened? Make a specific part in your journal for celebrations and train your brain, the reticular activating system, which I've spoken about so many times when you tell it what to look for, it seeks it. So what are you searching for in terms of celebration? Do you write down three things you're celebrating every day because how cool your brain will be hooked on those wins and wins create wins. It's like a domino win effect. Imagine that you're rolling into 20, 22 with a domino win effect.


How freaking cool would that be? All because you decided to celebrate now. So many people don't celebrate and I have a theory on this. They go from, I'll say they, they go to the I'll celebrate when, and I did this. When my book first came out, I was like, yay, I'm an author. I got all these books now. And this is cool. I'll celebrate when it becomes a best seller. And then it became a bestseller. Well, I'll celebrate when I get a royalty check of whatever amount. And then I got that amount. Okay, I'll celebrate it. No, you keep pushing the goal. You keep pushing the goalpost that does not create the hooked feeling of domino effect wins. And so what I should have done or could have done in retrospect was actually take a step back and celebrate those wins because those wins would have created new wins.


It's not to say I still didn't win. I won and you'll still win without celebrating, but you will win much faster at an accelerated pace. And since you may know me as sales in a New York minute and the New York minute girl, you may like things to happen quickly, especially in your business.


So celebrate those wins. Okay. Don't skip this part. It is critical to your success critical. And then the last part is now, what, what does this new year look like? What does your work life balance? If that's what you're looking for, look like. How often, how many days a week do you want to work? How many hours a day do you want to work? Do you want to work all day, every day? Do you want to work less? Do you want to make more? What things are you intentionally putting into your business so that you can create the business that you desire the business that gets to create these amazing things in your life rather than your life creating sacrifices for your business?


Okay. So now what you're likely asking yourself. Okay, Jen, great. I reflected I celebrated, although you probably didn't do that just yet, you're planning to do it. And now what, and now you get to decide who do you want to be a year from now? When you do the same exercise, what is that going to look like? How is that going to look different? Who, what is the identity of that person? What do you want to look back and be proud of and celebrate?


What do you want to look back and say, I tried this and, and whether or not it succeeded or failed, or I got the lesson I needed. I leased. I went for it and tried it. And so what are those outcomes? You're looking to create AKA what most people refer to as goals and not just in your business, but also in your life.


What are personal goals that are important to you? Because we always think of goals in terms of professional goals, but what are some personal goals that will make a difference in your life and your family's life and your friendships and your relationships?


What are some goals that will make a difference in, all areas of your life, and who is that person? This is the key who is that person who achieves those types of outcomes. Because once you can identify who that person is and their ways of being, then you can start living that life. You can start being that person even before you've made those achievements because guess what? It's like, guess what came first? The chicken or the egg? Well, guess what came first? The being or the doing or the having, uh, the being the being 100% comes first. Every time, if you want to be a million dollar CEO, if you want to, you want to have a business, that's a million dollar business.


Then the first, very first question you need to ask yourself is who is the version of myself who has that million-dollar business? Who do I need to become? What are the habits and routines that you need to incorporate in your life?


What are the things that the million dollar version of you would say yes to versus the things that the million dollar version of you would say no to what kind of decision-making skills to that million-dollar version of yourself, even, it may not be the million dollars that you're going for, whatever it is, whatever outcome you're looking to achieve? You need to work backward and begin with the being who do you need to become? How do you need to be in order to create that outcome? And once you can start living your life as if you're already that person, my husband calls it, live it in advance once.


And some people will say fake it till you make it, but it's not really about faking it. It's about being that person because once you can become that person, you will gain the now what that you're looking for.


To identify what it is that you want, identify what those outcomes, those goals are, and then determine who you need to be to achieve or create those outcomes. And the truth is it's not always that easy to determine who you need to be. And that's why so many entrepreneurs have the support of a coach and have a mastermind or a container in which they can, um, get the support that they need. They have the safety net to fall back on. And so if that's something you're looking for next year, definitely message me. We only have four spots left for next year. Um, definitely messaged me about the mastermind.


You can DM me on Instagram at Jen Gitomer and I can send you all the details to determine if it's going to be a good fit for you. And if I'm a good coach for you, not everyone is the right fit. And, um, I'm not meant to work with everyone, but if you're listening to this podcast, it's likely that we align on a lot of ideas and it could be that.


Now is the time you finally take that leap of faith in yourself and invest in yourself to get the results that you desire investing in masterminds and group coaching programs has been the reason why my business has accelerated in the way that it has. I'm not just a coach who coaches, I'm a coach who receives coaching because the very best players play the game and get the help and support that they need.


They know that getting coaching is actually a strength, not a weakness. And so if that's something that you're interested in for you, just DME at Jen, Gitomer on Instagram, and we can have that combo until next time. I'm Jen Gitomer. And I'm reminding you to have your breakthrough day every day. Oh. And start planning to create your breakthrough year.