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Your Success Frequency

Sep 28, 2022

Have you had quantum leaps in your business that you can identify?


Quantum leaps are not just the change + transformation that happens in your business over time; they are typically a sudden increase or dramatic change. This rapid shift happens for the good, and it puts you on a whole new trajectory of growth that you may not have been experiencing prior to the leap.


In today’s new post, I’m breaking down what it takes to create a quantum leap in your business - everything from what you need to do and who you need to be in order to make accelerated evolution happen.


Read on to set yourself up to intentionally increase the amount of quantum leaps you unleash in your life + business throughout the next couple of years.



Have you had quantum leaps in your business? Or have you ever thought about how to create quantum leaps in your business? 


I remember when I started my business, selling coaching services in 2013. I got my first client, and for me at the time, that was a quantum leap. That was when I went from zero to a $1,000+ paying client. And then I realized the power of VIP days and charged $5,000 for a day's worth of work. Now that was a quantum leap. 


I've been watching the attendees who just left my recent Sage Your Soul retreat, and I’m so proud of who they’ve become through their time in Sedona. They are all currently in the process of  creating their own quantum leaps. And while you may not have been on the retreat with us, I want you to experience the same transformational growth and change. 

What exactly does it take to create a quantum leap?




The very first thing you need to do if you want to create a quantum leap in your business is to create an intention. You must get specific about what you want to set forth. 


A lot of the time during our retreat was spent really diving into what these women wanted. We asked, What does that look like for you? How are you best living out your purpose and passion? Are those things all tied together? What does that look like? 


The key is to get crystal clear on exactly what you want. This first part of creating your intention is really the most important part of your quantum leaping because it’s the basis for everything that follows. 


Once you create an overall intention, then you break it down into daily intention + action. For example, one of my daily rituals is a cacao ceremony that I host for myself. It's a time and space that I dedicate to myself in the morning where I'm able to connect with myself and my thoughts in order to call in the intention that I most want to bring about for the day. 


How are you setting aside space every single day for your intentions? To call in your intentions is to be one with your thoughts and really uncover and understand your direction for the day. What is it that you want? If you're following my 28 day process, then you may be on a week where today is a get shit done day, or you may be on a week where today is about relaxing and taking it easy. Every single day for us women brings about different intentions, and they all sum up to create your overall goal.




The next part is asking yourself, Who do I need to become in order to attain my specific goal?


The truth is, you're going to have a hard time creating quantum leaps in your life if you're not already living out who you need to be in order to have what it is you’re seeking. 


Here's what I mean by that… Most of us think about our lives in terms of WHEN I have enough - time, money, support, etc. - THEN I'll do the things that I've always wanted to do, and only THEN will I be happy and successful. The problem is, if you don't have those things yet, then what you're saying is you can't do the things you want, and you'll never be happy or successful. And it's time to stop thinking about the world in terms of have to be, and time to start looking at it in terms of be do have. Meaning, in order to have the things that you want,  what do you need to do? And who do you need to be? 


When you focus on who you need to be first, you automatically start taking the right actions from that place. For example, when I wanted to become a rockstar tennis player, I created the identity of Rockstar Tennis Player. I asked myself, Would a Rockstar Tennis Player practice once a week? Or would they practice 5-7 times per week? You know the answer; they practice frequently, if not daily. And so once I created that identity in my mind, I began practicing every day. I lived into the identity first. 


And just like that, I went from a 3-0 tennis player to a 3-5 player, which is pretty good. Now, I’m a 4-0. The difference between a 3-0 to a 4-0 in less than a year is insanity. That was my quantum leap on the tennis court. 


This step is so important because you’re determining who you are embodying in order to become who you want to become. And you can embody that person before you've attained the things that you're hoping to achieve. It’s essential that you embody your future self and really get into the mind, body, and spirit of who that person is. It’s not just about looking the part and playing the part; it's about the mindset you take with you. It's about your energy, and your frequency. Because when you focus on mindset and energy, then you end up taking the actions you need to take in order to create exactly what you want. 


In order to embody that person, you need to ask yourself questions like:


Who is she?
What does she think?
What are her feelings and her thoughts?
What does she say to herself?
What does she see in her future?
What actions does she take?
What energy does she bring on a day to day basis?
What does all of that look like? 


And then you can begin to step into her shoes, the shoes of your future self who has already created that quantum leap. 

Taking it forward


To sum it up, in order to create a quantum leap in your business, you need to first define your intention - what is it that you want to create - and then figure out who you need to be to create that intention. 


Of course you'll also need to overcome mindset blocks and limiting beliefs in the process. But this is a great start to get your rolling. If you want to dig deeper, I recommend you work with a coach to guide you in your mindset development. 

Have more questions? Feel free to DM me over on Instagram!