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Your Success Frequency

Nov 2, 2022

How do you know when it's time to change or pivot in your business? 


A good indicator is when you find yourself consistently not wanting to do something in your biz. In these moments, it’s useful to stop and ponder, Why? What’s coming up for me? What’s no longer feeling in alignment?


I’ve been experiencing some of this tension myself with my podcast, and I’m excited to share that after much consideration, I’ve got a new name & new direction to share with you. 


Meet the Your Success Frequency podcast. 


In today’s new post, I’m sharing behind the scenes details of the podcast’s evolution, what exactly I mean by frequency, and how you can begin to dial in to the right frequency for greater success, purpose, and overall well being. 


And don’t worry - I’ll still be bringing you the insights you came here for in the first place on sales, business, and mindset. Though now, it will be framed through the fresh & transformative lens of frequency. 


Read on to discover how this new podcast is going to help you shift your energy to create change in your business that brings forth the highest yields. 

Is it time to make a pivot?


I have been sitting on this feeling for months that I've wanted to change my podcast’s name, but I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to change it to. Over the past year, there's been this massive transformation for both me and my clients with tons of growth, and the name “Breakthrough Babe” no longer felt aligned. 


Have you ever felt the same in your business? You've started out as one thing, and it’s worked well for a while, but over time you grow, you change, you transform into your next embodiment and suddenly you know it’s time to pivot. 


When you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or resistant, that’s the time to dive deeper into the root of what you’re feeling. Because when you’re in alignment, you’ll be in flow, not force. So how do you create that flow when it’s missing in your business?

Meet Your Success Frequency


I am renaming the podcast to Your Success Frequency. Frequency is the energy you have inside, which is then the energy you put out on the outside. That energy is the make it or break it between sale and no sale. You can feel someone’s frequency by the energy they’re putting out - from their verbal and nonverbal communication, to their social media posts, to their proposals, and more. 


Your frequency gets transferred into everything you do. So in order to be successful in business, what I have boiled it down to is your frequency, and how high vibrational that frequency is. 


What I have uncovered in the last decade of being an entrepreneur and being in the company of high achievers who are doing amazing work and enjoying massive success is that the one thing they all have in common is their frequency. They are all tuned in to a high vibration frequency in their head. 

What station are you tuned into?


We are always creating something based on the energy we’re bringing to what we do. Think of your frequency as a radio station you tune in to. 


If you’re tuned in to a low vibe frequency, you may often find yourself feeling like a victim. You make decisions from a place of scarcity. Your misery loves company and regularly seeks out fellow low vibrational people to commiserate with. 


On the other hand, if you’re tuned in to a high vibe frequency, you act and make decisions from a place of abundance. You believe there is always more coming to you, and that there’s plenty for everyone. You shine your light into every situation you come into, literally shifting the energy in the room to a higher vibration. 


So if you don't like your current outcomes, it’s time to change up the station you’re tuning in to. On my podcast, we're going to talk a lot about how to change up that channel, and how to tune in to the right frequency. And that frequency yields more sales, clients, happiness, joy, as well as a greater overall sense of purpose and well being. 


That's why I've renamed the podcast, because everything boils down to frequency. I believe it’s my mission to share this with you. It's my mission to teach the world how to dial in to the right frequency.

What’s coming up next…


Over the next couple of episodes, I'm gonna be talking about times where I've changed my frequency. We’ll dig into what that looks like, how I was able to change it, and how long it took in the beginning versus how quickly it can happen now. You will see what tuning in to a higher frequency and dialing in your energy can do in the overall transformation in your business. 

Diving deeper


I'd love your thoughts about your frequency. Do you have a story about a time that you changed your frequency? What did that look like? Send me a voice note or message on Instagram @jengitomer. Maybe I’ll even interview you in a future episode!


This week, I invite you to activate your success frequency by figuring out what that means for you. 


Until next time, here's your high vibes, your energy, and your frequency.