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Your Success Frequency

Jan 26, 2023

As a fellow coach or service-based business owner, you know that in order to achieve the success you're hoping for this year, it requires focus, motivation, and dedication. 


But all too often, work + life can get in the way of your productivity. The good news? All it takes to get back on track are a few purposeful actions that I’m going to share with you here. 


Read on to realign your efforts to better serve your larger goals and tune your frequency to exactly where you want it to be. 

There are no coincidences


One of my clients just posted about clutter and its impact on business. And right now, everything - literally everything - in my beach condo feels cluttered.


I just got back from a little travel, and I am doing a renovation project in my condo at the beach. Renovating a bathroom has turned into a larger project, mostly because I keep adding things to it. 


When I got back to the beach, I discovered that my condo had been turned upside down. It looks like a freaking cyclone went through it. I walked into the bedroom, and all of the clothes from one of the closets are on the bed, there’s a massive hole cut into the closet, and there’s dust everywhere. We had to turn off the water last week, and apparently,  when they turned it back on, it flooded one of my rooms. So one of the rooms has pieces of carpet literally cut out of it to prevent water seepage and mold. Essentially, the place is a complete disaster. 


I thought, Damn, I really wanted to have a productive week. 

If life has got you feeling off kilter too, I want to provide you with a couple simple actions I take in these moments to get back on track. 


Take these steps to tap back into your success frequency:

  • Declutter your environment


When you look around your workspace and your physical living environment, does it feel cluttered? Or does it feel neat and organized? Physical clutter is like having too many tabs open on your computer - it slows everything down and makes life difficult to navigate. Too many open tabs makes it harder for your actual machine to focus and get the task done that you're asking it to do because you're taxing the system. And it's the same thing when your physical space is cluttered or disorganized. It can be overwhelming and draining, making it much harder to focus and be productive.


Take time to clean and organize the areas you inhabit to create harmony and balance. Neat environments promote positive energy flow and improve your overall well being. 

  • Prioritize your work projects


Decluttering your physical space is just the beginning. If you really want to increase your productivity and achieve your goals, it's important to declutter your work projects as well. 


When you have too many projects or tasks on your plate, it can be overwhelming and chaotic, making it challenging to determine what’s actually important when it comes to achieving your goals. So now is when you stop and prioritize. 


Begin by determining  what  your revenue generating activities are. What activities do you need to do in order to create the income goals that you want? Rather than getting caught up in things you find fun or easy items to check off your list, starting with what specific tasks will get you to your income goals will help you win. 


Everything begins after the sale. After the money comes in, you get to serve the client, invest more in your business, pay yourself, pay your bills, and feel more free.


  • Simplify your workflow

Every single quarter, I take a look at all the things that I'm doing and assess what’s working and what isn’t. What can be simplified? Do I need to be doing this? Is this still impacting my business in a positive way?


Sometimes we get in the thick of things and we're so inside that vortex of doing, doing, doing that we forget to zoom out and look at the big picture.


I want you to ask yourself: Are there things I need to delegate? Are there things I need to stop doing altogether? Or are there ways I can simplify the process of what I’m doing? 


It's only when you allow yourself to look at the big picture view that you can refocus your energy and reset your frequency, tuning in to exactly where you want to be. 

Give the above a try! These simple steps can help you refocus, get back on track, and bring your aura back to a place of service so you can serve your clients and ultimately make more money.