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Breakthrough Babe Podcast

May 5, 2021

In this episode of The Breakthrough Babe Podcast, I’m talking about how to get whatever it is you're selling into the hands of more buyers. This all boils down to sales strategy. If you feel like you’re spending so much time and energy on building your product or service but not getting much in return, this episode is for you! We’re going to talk about all things sales strategy so that you can get the buyers you need!

Points we discuss include:

  • What NOT to do
  • Creating an irresistible offer
  • The mindset you need for the best sales strategy

There is an entire buyer journey process, and most people forget about it. You can’t only focus on onboarding! All you need to do to figure that out is put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. You have to align what you’re doing with their perspective. Taking the focus off yourself and putting it on your customers and clients is KEY to the best sales strategy.

For all the details, be sure to tune in to episode 52 of The Breakthrough Babe Podcast. 


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