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Your Success Frequency

May 11, 2022

No matter what niche of business you’re in, you need a marketing funnel in place, because here’s the deal:


A business only stays in business with a steady stream of new leads + sales coming in. 


Your funnel should be your best salesperson, because that’s the entry point into your business.


In today’s post, I’m sharing some takeaways from a recent conversation I had with funnel expert and ads strategist, Michelle Fernandez. We chatted about everything you need to do online to attract your ideal clients into a funnel that actually converts.


If you’d like to listen in to this value-packed conversation, check out Episode 99 of the Breakthrough Babe podcast, then read on for some of the quick notes about what makes a funnel strategy successful, the reasons why some funnels fail, and what to do if the thought of setting up a funnel makes you want to crawl into a cave (not to worry - we’re here to help you overcome this obstacle!).



About Michelle Fernandez


Michelle is a Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist, a Funnel Expert, and Speaker.


For years, Michelle helped run the social media accounts of major influencers using strategic organic marketing strategies. But noticing the ever-evolving limitations of organic growth - she realized that her organic efforts would need to be amplified by highly converting ads!


So, Michelle poured countless hours into mastering the art of paid advertising and has now shifted her focus entirely to ad and funnel strategy for everyone from local small businesses to multiple 7-figure business owners - spending tens of THOUSANDS of dollars on ads each month at her boutique marketing agency.


Michelle loves the strategizing process that takes place PRIOR to running ads and specializes in helping her clients get crystal clear on their brand identity, messaging, and funnel strategy - so they get the maximum ROI from their ad spend. She knows how to combine the most powerful organic strategies, funnel strategies, and ad strategies to get her clients 6 figure launch results without a 6-figure ad-spend.


We were recently in a coaching program together and I just recorded an episode on her podcast, The Traffic & Conversions Show. Now, I am excited to have Michelle on MY podcast so you can learn from her abundant wisdom on All Things Funnel!


I highly recommend that you go listen to the full conversation on Episode 99. Here are a couple of takeaways from our chat that will complement your listening experience.



Key Takeaways


  • Funnels are a way for both you and your potential clients to pre-qualify one another. Your potential clients are determining if they want to join in and embark on this journey with you. And you are determining their potential as a customer as they get narrowed down from the top of your funnel towards the bottom.

  • How intense/involved your funnel needs to be depends on the type of business you’re running.


  • Funnels typically start off with something free, then move on to a lower-priced offering, then get more expensive (and value packed) at each deeper stage of the funnel. It’s all about setting your clients up to take one step closer to the results/transformation.


  • Your funnel’s messaging and design must work together cohesively in order for a funnel to successfully convert.


  • People who land on your funnel need to be clear on who it’s for and how it’s going to help them. If they can’t see that, you confuse them and you lose them.


  • Working with a funnel expert like Michelle can help you identify where there are gaps in your funnel.


  • Determining if and when you should abandon a funnel strategy that’s not converting to your expectations involves market research, collecting data on the conversion rate, and giving it enough time to create the data you need.


  • One of the ways to decide if your funnel is profitable or not is to assess the metric of your average cart value.


  • The ads leading people into your funnel are for getting the click. Your funnel then needs to be structured properly to get the conversion. They need to work together. People are often quick to blame an ad for not making money, but that’s not the ad’s job.


  • The main reasons that business owners put off setting up a funnel are tech overwhelm, feeling like they don’t have the skills necessary to write the copy, and feeling like they don’t have the money to go all in with a funnels expert.


  • You can be the best at what you do, but if you cannot market yourself properly and convert leads into sales, then your business will not thrive.


  • Hiring a funnel expert is often a one time cost that pays dividends. Funnel experts allow you to stay in your zone of genius while they optimize a strategy that brings the leads to you.


  • When looking for a funnel expert to help you in your business, find someone who’s going to care about your business as much as you do. You want someone who’s familiar with your niche, is within your budget and can work within the parameters of your revenue goals and ad spend, and is familiar with both funnel and ad strategy.


  • Not being “good” at setting up funnels for your business shouldn’t make you feel like a failure. There’s no reason to try to be an expert at everything. Rather, find someone who can help you on the backend of your business to fine tune your funnel and help level up your business.







Find out more


If you’d like to dig into more about funnels and the strategies we discussed in this episode, visit Michelle over on Instagram @themichellefernandez . You can DM her there to receive her guide, 3 Components of a Highly Converting Funnel.